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Meet Licensed Esthetician and the CEO & Founder 
Swan Princess Odette 
Face and Body Rejuvenation System

Odette Young

Odette Young 

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Odette Young, Licensed Esthetician/ Founder of 

Swan Princess Odette Face & Body Rejuvenation 

System. Odette’s facials/ skincare treatments are 

unique and tailored for your skin type using her 

own and learned state of the art skills from Atelier 

Esthetique Institute of Esthetics. Odette Young's 

skincare treatments/ products are designed to 

transform your skin to a more youthful version of 

you. Her products are naturally infused with the 

best, & highest quality natural ingredients to help 

your skin needs. Her journey begins: Odette 

started making her own skincare products in the 

year 2011 to treat her hyperpigmentation. Her skin

condition was caused by spending an entire day in 

the sun at a Jamaican day parade, which was 

amazing and fun but her skin paid for it especially 

with the fact that she did not wear sunscreen. So 

here she is, years later in 2021 now a Licensed 

Esthetician, she has made improvements in her 

facial techniques & products by going back to 

school and attained the education that she needed 

to move forward in her Journey… Her love and 

gratitude goes out to all and to everyone that give 

her services and products a chance. Be apart of 

Odette's journey by spreading the word to your 

family and friends about your experiences with 

her skincare treatments and products. 


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